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Publicity Photos of OIE Employees

Chuan Cai – Senior Business Intelligence Research Analyst Chuan Cai joined IRE in July, 2014. He utilizes metadata modeling, advanced reporting and statistical modeling skills to help the campus community to summarize, visualize data and extract critical information from data for decision making. He primarily uses IBM Cognos Report Studio, Framework Manager, SAS and R to achieve above goals. Chuan holds master’s degrees in statistics and mechanical engineering.

Publicity Photos of OIE Employees

Denise Lindsey – Business Intelligence Research Analyst Denise Lindsey joined the University of Delaware Community in 1999. As part of Business Intelligence she ensures the proper and effective use of the University data warehouse comprised of Student, Financial and Human Resourses. In addition to other computing skills, Denise has advanced skills with IBM Cognos Framework Manager, Report Studio and Workspace. She consults with the campus community developing sophisticated reports to transform data into meaningful information. Denise is helping with the development of data Visualization dashboards.