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The prices below are effective during the 2019-2020 Delaware Cost Study Cycle
Below you will find a chart with the New Payment Structure of the Delaware Cost Study. We will be offering a sliding scale based on Carnegie Classification, prior participation and early registration. With this new payment structure we hope to encourage continuous participation in the study, entice smaller/specialized institution to join and reward schools that have a history of being part of the study. Also, you will see additional savings if you commit to two years of participation.

Registration for the 2019 Delaware Cost Study is open. If you know the applicable fee for this year are ready to enroll, scroll to the bottom of the page to begin accepting the terms of use and to register.

Participation in the Delaware Cost Study as well as non-participant access is only for four year institutions of higher education. Log-in access to the web portal for each study year is provided upon the receipt of the appropriate registration fee and may be renewed on an annual basis by request to

Important Note: Please be advised that only participating institutions are given access to the results. These data are solely intended for internal planning and budgeting purposes to facilitate unit and institutional improvement and are not intended for external presentations or publications. Any outside use of this data is strictly prohibited, as stated in the “Terms of Use” Agreement signed when committing to participation in the study. Any questions or concerns should be addressed to Mr. Tom Eleuterio, Manager of the Delaware Cost Study.

Refund Policy: The deadline for submission of data for the 2019 Delaware Cost Study is January 31, 2020. If you are unable to participate after making payment, you must notify us no later than January 29, 2020 to request a refund. No refunds will be issued after this date.

The results for the 2019 – 2020 Delaware Cost Study will be released in the summer of 2020

                              Participation in the 2019-2020 Delaware Cost Study                                            (Examines Fall 2018; Fiscal Year 2018 – 2019)

Carnegie Classification

Doctoral Institutions (Research & Professional)

Masters Institutions Bachelors & Special Focus Institutions
2019 Price for 1-year Participation $2,225 $1,675 $1,400
Please carefully select the lowest pricing option for your institution
(There is only one discount allowed per registration)
10% Early-bird 2019 Price for 1-year Participation (you must have registered by
October 15, 2019) See other discounts below
$2,000 $1,500 $1,260
25% Discount for 2 Year Commitment (The total for two years must be paid in full in order to receive the discount) $3,350
Loyalty Discount** $2,060 $1,550 $1,290
Returning Member Discount*** $2,175 $1,625 $1,200
First Time Participants**** $1,900 $1,400 $1,100

**loyalty defined as participated each of the past three consecutive prior years.
***returning member participated twice within the last five years.
****First time participant – has not participated since 1996.

Non-Participant Access

Non Participant Data Results Access: Non-participating institutions may purchase access to the results from one year of the most recent Delaware Cost Study results. This is with a commitment in writing that the institution will participate in the next cycle of the study.

Carnegie Classification This Price includes one year of non-participant access and one year participation fee
Research Institutions $7,000
Masters Institutions $5,000
Bachelors & Special Focus Institutions $3,500

Customized Solutions

All request for specialized custom analyses, late submissions and special data request will be considered on a case by case bases. The cost will be determined at the time of request and based on difficulty of request.

Email for pricing


Online Payment Option:

The online registration form allows you to pay by credit card or select “Invoice Me” to receive an invoice if you would prefer to pay by check. Please list the person responsible for submitting the data to the Delaware Cost Study as the contact person on the form.

We do not accept Purchase Orders as payment.

Please allow us 2 business days to process your request. After your payment has been processed, we will email you with your login credentials for the Cost Study Web Portal.

Access will only be given after your payment is received