The Delaware Cost Study Web Portal – Peer Analysis Tool

The Delaware Cost Study is proud to announce the addition of the Peer Analysis tool to our web portal. This feature allows you to request, view, and copy peer analyses directly from your web portal account. The peer request form is a work in progress, and it will continue to evolve to best meet your needs. Please send any comments or suggestions to

Please login to the Cost Study Web Portal using the username and password provided to you during registration. In the upper right hand corner of the portal, change the cycle to “2017” (At this time, the peer query tool is only available for the 2017 Cost Study cycle. For peer requests from previous cycles, please contact On the homepage of the portal, click on the “Peer Analysis” tab and select “Request Peer Analysis.” Follow the steps below to submit your request. Click here for a pdf of the instructions with screenshots of the portal

Note: Use of this tool must be in agreement with the Terms of Use of the Delaware Cost Study. Any attempt to use the Peer Request tool to reveal the identity of a participating institution will be flagged, and the request will be denied.

1. Search for institutions to include in the peer analysis by using the institution name or a specific CIP (note: if you search by CIP, your analysis will still contain all eligible CIPs). Type the institution name or select the CIP and click “Find Matches.”

2. Check the boxes next to the institutions you wish to include and click “Add Selected to Group.” You must include at least 10 institutions for your request to be approved.

3. Once you have added at least 10 institutions, create a name for your peer group and click “Submit Group for Review.” The Delaware Cost Study will be notified of your request and will review it for approval. Your pending request will be listed under your Peer Analysis tab under “Pending Peer Requests for 2017.”

4. You will receive an email from the Cost Study when your peer request has been approved. (Please allow two business days for your request to be reviewed. You may also inquire about your pending request by sending an email to Your approved peer requests will appear in the Peer Analysis tab under “Approved Peer Requests for 2017.” When you open the approved peer request, you will have access to the Peer Analysis Tool.

5. Select the CIP and table for the analysis that you would like to view. You can select multiple tables at once. Tables can be copied (using the “Copy to Clipboard” button) and pasted into a spreadsheet and formatted to your preferences.

IMPORTANT: The database that feeds the peer request tool is a live database (this is different than the national norms, which are a “snapshot” of the data). Our primary concern for the peer request tool is accuracy. Thus, due to the addition of late submissions and other updates to the data, results may vary slightly at different time periods.