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Business Intelligence (BI):

Business Intelligence (BI) provides a business view of the right information at the right time, place and form.  Continuously evolving to be the premier information provider to the UD community by providing the intelligence they need to make strategic business decisions.  BI interacts with University constituents to develop a clear understanding of business requirements to facilitate a reliable, comprehensive and consistent data source to support operational, tactical and strategic reporting and analysis needs.  We seek to understand the data requirements of the wide array of University decision-makers.  BI provides the transfer of knowledge on business rules and technical skills creating self-sufficient clients better preparing them to perform daily operations with data that will be accessible to any person within the UD community with a legitimate business need.  BI builds multiple platforms for access to information and knowledge to users including active online reports, dashboards, and data searching and reporting to empower users to meet their information needs.  BI supports business decisions by analyzing and modeling historical data predicting trends in a meaningful way enabling informed decision making.

What is Business Intelligence (BI)?

Business Intelligence (BI) describes the technologies and processes that transform raw data into meaningful information used to analyze and predict the university’s performance.  Business Intelligence (BI) refers to methods and tools used to transform and analyze data in support of data-driven decision-making. The University of Delaware uses IBM Cognos as our enterprise warehouse business application. IBM Cognos is used for data analytics and delivers data visualization through dashboards and reports.  

The University of Delaware Enterprise Warehouse (UDEW) is maintained by Business Intelligence (BI). The university data warehouse is an Oracle-based database that is comprised of transaction data extracted from PeopleSoft Financials, Human Resources and UDSIS.  Additional sources of data are periodically added to the warehouse to meet new analytical needs.  BI is responsible for modeling and making revisions to data marts. Consulting with the campus community to facilitate the development of reports from the various data marts.  BI responds to requests in support of Revenue-Based Budgeting (RBB) reporting and BI IBM Congos Training.

The University of Delaware uses IBM Cognos version 11.0.12 which includes the capabilities of authoring, viewing and modifying reports and creating interactive data visualization.


BI – IBM Cognos Data Marts

IBM Cognos Data Marts have security called Cognos Roles.  Access to the data marts listed below is based on the Cognos Roles. Click on Getting Started with IBM Cognos for more information on IBM Cognos Roles.

Financial Data Marts

Archived Web JVs

JV Active Web Form

JV Web Form

New JV Web Active Web Form

New JV Web Form

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UD Financial Data Mart – contains all financial data including: Awards, Balances, Contracts, Projects, Proposals, Payables, Purchasing and Trans Detail

Transmittal Web Form

Human Resources Data Marts

HR Census Data Mart

HR Daily Extract – daily snapshot of HR data


HR Official and Daily Extract

HR Official Extract – snapshot of HR data usually taken in the Fall, Spring and Summer.

Student Data Marts

Admissions Data Mart – contains graduate and undergraduate admissions data since Fall 2007

Degree Data Mart – contains all conferred degrees since Fall 1971

Persisters Data Mart

Financial Aid Data Mart

Plan to Department – Academic Plans with the Academic Program, Academic Org, Dept ID, and CIP codes

SOC Data Mart (Schedule of Class) – contains class data since Fall 1971

Student Enrollment Data Mart – contains all of a student’s academic data per a given semester since Fall 2007

Student Transfer Credits Data Mart

UDSIS Online Official Extract – UNDUPLICATED HEADCOUNTS – snapshot of online enrollment taken on the first day, official (10th) day and last day of classes.

UDSIS Online Term Extract – UNDUPLICATED HEADCOUNTS – daily snapshot of online enrollment for the current semester

UDSIS Official Extract – UNDUPLICATED HEADCOUNTS – snapshot of enrollment data taken on the first day, official (10th) day and last day of classes.

UDSIS Term Extract – UNDUPLICATED HEADCOUNTS – daily snapshot of enrollment data for the current semester