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Getting Started with IBM Cognos


Security is to ensure individuals have access only to the data they need to perform their job responsibilities.  IBM Cognos access replicates PeopleSoft Financial, Human Resources and UDSIS access.    IBM Cognos access is assigned by Roles.  Roles are defined as performing similar functions or having similar status.  The University of Delaware has two types of IBM Cognos Roles: USERS or REPORTERS.  USERS can run established reports.  REPORTERS can run as well as create or modify reports.  For specific information on obtaining IBM Cognos Access refer to the following web page:

IBM Cognos Access


IBM Cognos Roles – Verification

To verify the IBM Cognos Roles assigned to users, please contact

Cognos Mail List

The University of Delaware has a mail list ( for Cognos users.  The mail list is for discussions, problem reporting and notifications on the UD Cognos server.  Information on how to subscribe is located on the following web page: ud-cognos

Connecting to IBM Cognos      

IBM Cognos Server is limited to on-campus network stations (Ethernet).  For security purposes, users with a wireless/Wi Fi connection can access the IBM Cognos Server through VPN, Virtual Private Network software. Instructions for Connecting to IBM Cognos Instructions for Pop-up Blockers and Downloads


The Student Enrollment Data Mart  and the UD Financial Data Mart included the source or criteria of derived items included in the data mart.  Please refer to the data dictionaries via the link below for other data mart source or criteria of derived items. Data Dictionaries