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Economic Impact Studies


2018 Economic Impact Study

Econsult Solutions, Inc. conducted an Economic Impact Study for the University of Delaware in 2018. This report estimates the impact of the University of Delaware’s annual operations, its capital investments, the student and visitor spending it attracts, and the additional earnings potential it confers on its graduates. In addition to these economic benefits, the report will also highlight key areas of distinction, including but not limited to its local engagement, scholarship, innovative research, and entrepreneurial successes. These points of pride represent unique ways in which it both achieves those economic impacts and produces broader gains to society as a whole.  For more information, please see the Executive Summary and Full Report.


2010 Economic Impact Study

The Center for Applied Business and Economic Research in the Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics at the University of Delaware (William Latham and Kenneth Lewis) conducted an Economic Impact Study of UD in June 2010.  Economic impact analysis is conceptually straightforward: (1) Some aspect of an economy changes; we call the initial change “the primary stimulus.” (2) It is the primary stimulus for consequential changes called “multiplier effects.” (3) When all the multiplier effects have been accounted for, they can be added to the primary stimulus to produce the total economic impact of the original stimulus. From a variety of sources we obtained measures of the activities of the University Community (comprised of the University itself, its employees, students, individual alumni and firm alumni). These activities constitute our primary stimulus. We then calculate the multiplier effects and total impacts of the activities on output, jobs, incomes and taxes in several economic regions. We use well-known and often used models from the Minnesota IMPLAN Group to calculate the multiplier effects. Our study is unique in its focus on a University community that includes not only the University, its students, visitors and individual alumni, but also its firm alumni.  For more information, please see the Executive Summary and Full Report.


1999, 2003, 2007 Economic Impact Studies

Institutional Research and Effectiveness conducted Economic Impact Studies in 1999, 2003, and 2007.  These studies determined the economic impact that student, faculty, staff, and University expenditures have on the local community of Newark and the state of Delaware.