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Links are provided below to access IRE’s first set of dashboards released to the campus community. IRE will be enhancing these initial dashboards and developing new dashboards over time. The dashboards that currently available contain public information that is consistent with the snapshot reports presented in the UD Facts and Figures. Additional dynamic dashboards with drill down capability and daily automatic updates are planned for UDataGlance under the Reports tab. We will begin populating the UDataGlance Reports tab with human resources, faculty, student, student retention and financial dashboards in the coming months, with the first being a Faculty Dashboard (target release is December 1, 2016). Those dashboards will be accessible and have drill down capability based on security privileges. As we continue our efforts to develop dashboards, we would appreciate your guidance to focus our work on what is most relevant and valuable to you and to make the dashboards functional and useful. Please send comments and suggestions to

Current Dashboards:

Dashboard in Development:

  • Comparators – currently links to UD Benchmarking resources. These will be converted to interactive dashboards as time and workload allow.