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Institutional Research (IR) is a non-biased unit which provides timely and accurate information to University leadership and stakeholders while maintaining data integrity and protecting the confidentiality and privacy of individuals. IR engages in research and analysis to demonstrate institutional effectiveness, inform decision-making, and facilitate policies and practices at UD. IR is the primary source for benchmarking data from national databases and targeted institutional surveys of peer institutions. IR helps to ensure the University is in compliance with government regulations and accreditation standards. Through these activities IR identifies emerging issues, initiates innovative research and fosters institutional learning in collaboration with the University community to achieve strategic milestones and build institutional memory.

IR Annual Activities


IR annually completes a variety of publications, compliance-related reports, surveys and other institutional and academic-support reports.  Our IR Annual Activities page details these and provides their target completion dates. IRE’s Institutional Effectiveness efforts are detailed within our Institutional Effectiveness Assessment Framework.


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Requests for data, reports or information should be made by completing our IRE Data Request Form.