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IR Annual Activities


Publications Target Date
Common Data Set 30-Jan
Facts & Figures 30-Jan
-Students 30-Nov
-Personnel 15-Dec
-Finances 30-Nov
-Facilities 30-Nov
-Print Publication 1-Feb
Fall Enrollment Comparison 15-Sep
Grade Distributions 1-Apr
Post-Graduation Survey (Career Plans) 1-May
Quick Facts 1-Dec
Compliance & Reporting Target Date
IPEDS 15-Oct;11-Feb;9-Apr
HEOA Consumer Information (Your Right to Know) 1-Jul
NCAA Graduation Success Rate 1-Jun
U.S. News & All Other Guidebooks 1-Dec – 31-May
VSA College Portrait & Student Achievement Measure (SAM) 15-Apr
UD Academic/Institutional Support Target Date
Academic Analytics 15-Sep
APR Data 15-Oct;15-Mar
Enrollment Projections 15-Sep;2-Mar
Faculty Overload Compensation Schedule 20-Jan
Full Cost of Instruction Model 12-Dec
Institutional Data on Diversity 15-Mar
Surveys Administer/Results
ASQ 1-May/15-Oct
BCSSE 20-Jun/1-Sep
CSRDE Section I 5-Mar/30-Jun
CSRDE STEM 2-May/15-Sep
NSF Grad Post-Docs 10-Nov/28-Feb
NSSE (three year cycle) 10-Mar/15-Nov
Tuition & Fees 10-Jul/30-Sep