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Academic Program Review (APR)

The Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness (IRE) supports departmental Academic Program Review by providing department-specific information related to its students, faculty and resources.  This information will assist the department in addressing specific criteria within two Middle States Standards:

  • Standard III: Design and Delivery of the Student Learning Experience
  • Standard V: Educational Effectiveness Assessment

Unless otherwise noted, IRE will provide a set of standard summary tables and charts displaying seven-year trends for information listed below.  Excel files will also be provided to the department for any customization necessary.  It is noted below where the information provided relates to a Middle States Standard.

Student Information –

  • Entering freshmen by major, with average high school GPA, rank, and SAT
  • Student enrollment data (Standard III, 1.)
    • Majors and minors by gender and ethnicity
    • Majors by residency
    • Undergraduate and graduate student credit hours
  • Undergraduate retention and 4-, 5-, and 6-year graduation rate data for first-time full-time freshmen by first academic plan or last academic plan in the department (2007 cohort through the cohort with a 2nd fall retention rate or a four-year graduation rate) (Standard V, 3.g.)
  • 4-, 5-, and 6-year graduation rates for first-time full-time freshmen by major, comparing department to college and university cohorts (2007 cohort through the cohort with a four-year graduation rate) (Standard V, 3.g.)
  • Degrees granted by ethnicity and major based on IPEDS Completions Report (Standard V, 3.g.)
  • Post-graduation activities based on the results of the annual Career Plans Survey (Standard V, 2.b. and Standard V, 3.g.)
  • Student quality (ie. undergraduate GPA, GRE), application trends, admission trends, enrollment trends, graduation rates, and time to degree for all graduate programs in the unit. (Standard III, 1. and Standard V, 3.g.)

Human and Fiscal Resource Information –

  • Faculty by tenure status, rank, gender and ethnicity (Standard III, 2.c.)
  • Instructional costs and productivity data based on the Delaware Study, comparing department data to UD college and University results and national benchmarks (five-year trends provided) (Standard V, 3.e.)
  • Faculty Scholarly Productivity data from Academic Analytics© [] (using the most recent database coverage years) A standard report comparing the department to AAU Public institutions will be provided. Department chairs, however can be credentialed to have access to the Academic Analytics web portal to view and download additional detail level data on their faculty scholarly and research activity, as well as additional data visualizations.  (Standard III, 2.b. and Standard III, 6.)

The Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness [; 302.831.2021] should be contacted to request access to Academic Analytics©, as well as to schedule a one-on-one information session about Academic Analytics or the Delaware Study Academic Benchmarking.

Please visit the Provost’s website for APR guidelines and the current schedule.