at the University of Delaware

Final results from the 2021 cycle of The Cost Study will be released at the end of July 2022

Important Notes for the 2021 Cycle

Terms of Use – There are several updates to the Terms of Use for the 2021 cycle including: edits to Section C clarifying appropriate data sharing and additional information in Section E regarding login credentials.

Data Dictionary – A new Data Dictionary is now available for the 2021 cycle, which provides definitions and examples of the data fields required for data submissions, along with important key terms.

Online Student Credit Hour (SCH) – For the 2021 cycle, we will continue to use the 4 existing online SCH values to capture all online undergraduate and graduate SCH for the fall semester and annually. However, in response to the massive shift to online instruction as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are introducing 4 additional optional fields beginning with the 2021 cycle of the study. Please consult the definition for Online Instruction for more information.

Missing -vs- Zero Values in Data Entry – Beginning in the 2020 cycle, The Cost Study required that all data fields are filled in with a value, unless you wish for them to be treated as missing data. Missing data in the data entry form (i.e., empty cells) should be reserved for scenarios where you are unable to provide a value to the study. In all other cases, cells should be filled in with a zero. Please consult the definition for Missing vs. Zero Data for more information.

Professional Degrees – For the 2021 cycle, the study’s definition for Professional Degrees will be consistent with the IPEDS definition for Doctor’s Degree-Professional Practice.  |  |  302-831-7460  |  332 Hullihen Hall, Newark, DE 19716