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Presentations and Papers

Below are links to presentations and papers about The Cost Study at the University of Delaware. These documents contain valuable information, examples, and history about the use of The Cost Study.


Program-Specific Peer Analyses for Instructional Costs and Productivity 2021 NEAIR Virtual Conference and 2021 AIR Forum Virtual

Online Instruction and Cost Variations by Academic Discipline 2020 CAIR Virtual Conference

Annual Update on The Cost Study at the University of Delaware (Sponsor Presentation) 2020 NEAIR Virtual Conference

How does faculty research impact instructional cost across Carnegie types? 2020 SAIR Virtual Conference

Understanding the Cost Drivers for Instruction in Multiple Dimensions 2019 AIRPO Conference

Reining in Costs: What the Delaware Cost Study Can Tell Us About Optimizing Degree Program Productivity 2019 ACE Conference

Understanding Cost Drivers for Instruction Beyond One Dimension 2019 HEDS Conference

Delaware Cost Study Progress Report 2018 AIRPO Conference

Sharing Results with Chairs and Directors Cost Study Administrators Survey

Insights from the Delaware Cost Study and Education Policy Initiative 2018 AIR Forum – NSICP & EPI

Select Program-Level Peers and Set Measurable Goals 2018 AIR Forum – Peer/DEA Analysis

HEC 2017 Report ACE 2017 Conference

Cost Benchmarking Challenges in Higher Education NEAIR 2015

Advanced Modeling Techniques for Benchmarked Data AIR 2015

Challenge of Digital Learning SCH & the Effect on Benchmarking with Cost Study Metrics 2015 NEAIR SIG


“Why is Math Cheaper than English? Understanding Cost Differences in Higher Education” NBER working paper Hemelt et al.

NCES – A Study of Higher Education Instructional Expenditures NCES report Middaugh et al.