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How To Submit Data to the 2023 Cycle

Important Notes about your data submission:

  • We will only accept submissions through the web portal.
  • The 2023 Data Submission Deadline is January 31, 2024.
  • You may input data on individual program data entry forms in the web portal or upload an Excel spreadsheet into the web portal.
  • Remember to review each program’s data submission and Red Flag Report to check for errors before submitting your institution’s data.
  • Please contact us with any questions at 302-831-7460 or ire-cost@udel.edu.


Click here for a detailed document on “How to Submit Data” (pdf)

Step 1. Register for the current study cycle

Step 2. Log-in to the web portal

Step 3. Add, manage, and delete academic programs

  • Make sure program names and CIP codes are current

Step 4. Gather your data and create an Excel file

  • Review common mistakes in data collection
  • Create Excel data file (or gather data for manual submission)
  • Clear all formatting from the Excel file, except where allowed
  • Blank cells are only allowed in Column H, BS, and BT.  See detailed document for more information.
  • Format column C (CIP for program) as text to allow for trailing zeros in CIP codes.
  • New for 2023! College/school variable (optional)

Step 5. Upload or manually enter data for each program

  • Click on “upload data” for multiple programs (or manually enter data)

Step 6. Review data submission and Red Flag Report to check for errors and warnings

  • Review Red Flag Report and address any errors or warnings
  • Look at each program individually and ensure data was correctly extracted and reported
  • Leave a note to explain why any discrepancies or red flags remain

Step 7. View preliminary results for each program

  • Click “review for submission” at the bottom of each page
  • Use the three-year-averages to ensure data is in appropriate range
  • Review Direct Instructional Expense per Student Credit Hour chart

Step 8. Submit data, complete data validation, and finalize submission

  • Submit data by January 31
  • Data will be reviewed by The Cost Study team
  • Receive email that your data has been verified and is complete