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Registration and Payment Options for the 2022 Cycle


Our online registration and payment system allows you to complete your registration for the 2022 cycle and pay for your participation through the University of Delaware’s secure online payment system. You can pay now using a credit card or ACH or you can request an invoice to pay at a later date. Please read all of the information on this page and then click on the registration button at the bottom of the page. The prices below are effective during the 2022 cycle (view timeline).

Participation in The Cost Study as well as Non-Participant Access is only available to four-year, non-profit institutions of higher education. Log-in access to the web portal for each study year is provided upon receipt of the appropriate registration fee. Past participants may renew their access to past cycles by contacting ire-cost@udel.edu.

Registration and Payment Steps:

  1. Click on the Registration button at the bottom of this page – this will take you to our Terms of Use and the online registration form.
  2. Read the 2022 Terms of Use and select “I agree” at the bottom of the page. The registration form will appear.
  3. Fill in your institution’s contact information, including the person who will be responsible for submitting your data (i.e., the Institution Administrator).
  4. Select your Payment Option (One Year or Two Years). If you would like to register for Non-Participant Access, please contact ire-cost@udel.edu for further instruction.
  5. Enter your Billing Information. Click “Next” to proceed to UD’s secure online payment system.
  6. You can choose to pay immediately (by credit card or ACH) or receive an invoice to make a payment at a later date (by credit card, ACH, or check). Invoices are processed in 3-5 business days and will be sent to the email address listed under “Email receipt to” on the registration form.
  7. Your Institution Administrator will be sent login credentials to the The Cost Study web portal after we have received payment for your registration fee.
Important Note: Please be advised that only participating institutions are given access to the results. These data are solely intended for internal planning and budgeting purposes to facilitate unit and institutional improvement and are not intended for external presentations or publications. Any outside use of this data is strictly prohibited, as stated in the “Terms of Use” Agreement signed when committing to participation in the study. Any questions or concerns should be addressed to ire-cost@udel.edu.

Refund Policy: The standard deadline for submitting data to the 2022 cycle of The Cost Study is January 31, 2023. However, we will continue to enroll participants as “late submissions” after this date. No refunds will be issued after January 31, 2023.

Participation in the 2022 cycle of The Cost Study
(Examines Fall Semester 2021; Academic Year 2021 – 2022; Fiscal Year 2021 – 2022)

Image of the pricing table for the 2022 cycle of The Cost Study. Please contact ire-cost@udel.edu for complete information about the participation fees and options.