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Click here to download an interactive pdf of the data dictionary
(edited 2/14/22)

1. Click on the section headings or click directly on the definition in the Table of Contents to navigate through The Cost Study Data Dictionary.

2. On each section page, use the links at the top to jump to individual definitions.


2/14/22: Updates

  • FTE Faculty: edits to the variable descriptions (in the variable charts) for FTEA, FTEA1, FTEA2, FTEA3, FTEA4, FTEA5. Added “from the fall personnel file” to align with the definition for FTE Faculty Counts, which state that the Total FTE faculty fields should be populated with the TOTAL FTE for filled faculty positions as they appear in the fall personnel file at your institution.

9/16/21: Updates

  • Course: edits to the sub-definitions for Organized Class Sections and Individualized Instruction to provide clarity and additional examples. A Course Section Decision Tree was created to help determine how courses should be classified for The Cost Study.
  • Degree Types: revised definition of Professional Degrees to clarify that Professional Degrees in medical field should only be included in The Cost Study if they are NOT located in medical schools or colleges. A clarifying note was also added to the definition for CIP Code.

8/25/21: Release of 2021 Data Dictionary

  • Added helpful “Key Terms” for data submission
  • Data Definitions rewritten for clarity; added additional examples and special/unique cases
  • Created a direct connection between data definition and the data field’s location on the data upload file and data entry form in the web portal
  • Changes to the data definitions for Professional Degrees and Online SCH