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Data Dictionary – Annual Student Credit Hours (SCH)

Annual SCH | Annual ONLINE SCH

Annual SCH

Refer to the Student Credit Hour and Course definitions when completing this portion of your data submission.

Provide the total number of student credit hours taught at the undergraduate and graduate levels during the academic year. Annual SCH data comes from the major terms in the academic year that are supported by an academic program’s instructional budget. These major terms are generally fall and spring at institutions on a semester calendar, and fall, winter and spring at institutions on a quarter/trimester calendar.

  • Summer SCHs are generally not reported to the study because they are typically paid for out of a centralized university budget rather than a program-level budget. However, if summer SCHs are paid for by the program’s regular instructional budget, then those SCHs (and their corresponding expenditures) should be reported to the study.

You should use the same “origin of instructor” method to report annual SCH that is used to report fall semester SCH.


  • Remember to report student credit hour data by level of course (i.e., undergraduate or graduate) as also required in reporting fall semester SCH.
  • Refer to the Course definition to ensure that you are not double counting dual and cross listed courses.

Undergraduate and Graduate Annual SCH

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Refer to the definition for reporting ONLINE instruction when completing this portion of your data submission.

Note: Annual ONLINE SCH counts should be reported as subsets of their corresponding annual SCH counts.

All Annual ONLINE SCH (Undergraduate and Graduate)

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