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Cost Study Reports

Three reports are available to help you see what data is going to be available in the portal for the current study year.  These reports can be especially helpful for seeing which institutions are represented in the norm groups, and for selecting institutions and programs for a custom peer analysis.

  • Active Institutions: This report provides information about which institutions participated in the current study year.  On the Active Institutions list you can see the name of the institution, along with their FICE code, Carnegie Class, and whether they are public or private.  Use arrows next to the column names to sort ascending by that column, click again to sort descending.
  • Active CIPs: This report tells you which program CIPs (at the 2-digit, 4-digit, and 6-digit level) are in use for the current study year, sorted by CIP number.  Remember, at least 5 programs in a norm group category must be available for the norm values to be reported, so not all of these CIPs will have associated norms.  Also, even though you can view the 6-digit CIPs here, norms and peer analyses are all reported at the 4-digit CIP level.
  • Active Institutions with CIP: The list of active institutions with CIP search tool allows you to select a single CIP and find which institutions reported a program under that CIP for the current study year.  On this report you can see the selected 4-digit CIP (along with a list of all the possible 6-digit CIPs that can roll up to this 4-digit level), the institution name and the norm group categories applicable for that program (Carnegie Class, Highest Degree, and Percent Undergrad Degrees Offered).