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Web Portal Templates

The following documents may be helpful in preparing an Excel file to upload your institution’s data into the web portal.  Remember that the final upload file should have only data, with no headers or formatting.  Data may also be manually entered into the web portal one program at a time.

List of Required Data: Click here to download a list of all the data required for The Cost Study, along with the corresponding column code for the Excel upload file. There is also information about the variables that are automatically calculated on the web portal data entry form. See the data dictionary for more detailed explanations of each data field.

Column Headings for Excel Spreadsheet: This excel file has variable names and descriptions as column headings that can be helpful for creating an Excel spreadsheet to upload data into the portal or for validating and analyzing your institution’s raw data. Make sure to delete all column headings prior to upload.

Web Portal Sample Page: The sample web portal page shown below uses RED letters to indicate the corresponding column on an Excel spreadsheet if you choose to upload your data. Also in BLUE letters are variable names for cells that calculate automatically on the web portal data entry form. Please note that each program’s data will be a separate row in the uploaded Excel spreadsheet.