Higher Education Consortia/The Cost Study

Jennifer Snyder

Jennifer Snyder – Director, Higher Education Consortia

Dr. Jennifer Snyder re-joined The Cost Study team in June 2020 as the manager of the Higher Education Consortia. Her role focuses on assisting with the maintenance of The Cost Study, marketing and advancement, outreach, research, and the expansion of the Higher Education Consortia. Jen is a former adjunct instructor of sociology at UD and Delaware State University. She previously worked as an IR analyst conducting survey research for UD and as a graduate research assistant with IRE and the Higher Education Consortia. Jen holds a PhD in Sociology from UD, and she received an MA in Sociology from Cleveland State University and a BA in Psychology from Malone University.

Allison Dunckel– Member Outreach Coordinator

Allison Dunckel joined The Cost Study team in October 2022. Her role focuses on marketing and member outreach of the Higher Education Consortia. Allison previously worked in public relations at agencies in New York City and Washington, DC, and in marketing and communications for several financial institutions in Charlotte, NC, New York City, and Wilmington, DE. Her most recent position was in marketing for a nonprofit in Wilmington, DE. She graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a BA in journalism.

Marcia Preston

Marcia Preston – Manager, The Cost Study

Dr. Marcia Preston joined The Cost Study team in 2019. Her work focuses on migrating quality data into The Cost Study data system, preparing reports for institutions and presentations for conferences, and expanding the research potential of The Cost Study. Marcia received her PhD in Education at the University of Delaware and also has a Master’s degree in Leisure Studies from Penn State and a Bachelor’s degree in Forestry from Virginia Tech. Her doctoral research focused on investigating how children perceive learning and play, how children learn through play, and how physical activity is related to the development of executive function. Outside of work Marcia enjoys playing soccer, traveling, and staying active with her husband and their four children.