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Benchmark Reports

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Benchmark Reports provide comparative data from The Cost Study.  Explore the Benchmark Reports to decide which comparisons are best for your institution!

Norms (Norm Tables, Ratio Tables, Quartiles)
Peer Analyses (Standard and Program-Specific)
Three-Year-Average Report

Your Institution Reports

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Your Institution Reports provide the data and calculated metrics for your institution only. These reports can be used to save a copy of your annual submission and for comparison with the many benchmark reports available.

Institution Report
Direct Instructional Expense per Student Credit Hour Report
Page 2 (from the Data Entry Form)
All data as spreadsheet
All data forms as PDF
Institution Notes
Red Flag Report

Cost Study Reports

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Cost Study Reports help you see what data is going to be available in the portal for the current study year.  These reports can be especially helpful for seeing which institutions are represented in the norm groups, and for selecting institutions and programs for a custom peer analysis

Active Institutions for the study year
Active CIPs for the study year
Active Institutions with CIP for the study year