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Post Graduation Activities Survey

PDF version of survey card administered at the College of Engineering Convocation The University is seeking information about your post-graduation plans. This information assists several offices in planning programs and services. All responses are confidential.

Name: UD ID: Gender: 1. Male 2. Female Residence Status While at UD: 1. Resident 2. Non-Resident Student Status: 1. Undergraduate 2. Graduate Degree Date: 1.Fall 2. Spring 3. Winter 4. Summer Degree(s) Received: Major: A: Please circle the one item below which best describes your employment status upon graduation

  1. I hold or have accepted a full-time job.
  2. I hold or have accepted a part-time job.
  3. I am in or about to enter the military.
  4. I am not seeking a job, because I am pursuing my education.
  5. I am not pursuing a job at this time.
  6. I am actively seeking employment at this time.

B: Please circle all of the Career Services Center’s services you utilized as a student:

  1. Career Services Web site
  2. Career workshop/program
  3. Career library
  4. Individual career appointment
  5. Social media (Facebook, Twitter)
  6. Email communication
  7. Campus interview program
  8. Blue Hen Jobs database
  9. Job or career fairs
  10. Other, please specify:

C. If you are employed or have accepted employment, please complete the following: