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Table 2: Percent Student Credit Hours (SCH) and Organized Class Sections (OCS) by Course Level within Faculty Category

Table 2 presents the proportional distribution of student credit hours and organized class sections taught according to course level for the following faculty types:

Table 2A: Tenured/Tenure-Track Faculty
Table 2B: Other Regular Faculty

The measures shown on Table 2 are the result of row calculations on the raw data table, as shown in the example below:

​The data here in Table 2A tells you that 69% of the SCH taught by Tenured/Tenure-Track faculty are at the lower division undergrad level and 22% are at the upper division undergrad level. When combined, this means that 92% of the SCH taught by Tenured/Tenure-Track faculty are at the undergrad level, and only 8% of the SCH taught by T/TT faculty are at the grad level.

Table 1 and Table 2 complement each other…  For example, with this example program, Table 1 shows that T/TT faculty are teaching 100% of the grad SCH and only 37% of the undergrad SCH.  However, this program is largely an undergrad program, because as Table 2 shows, 92% of the SCH that the T/TT faculty are teaching is at the undergrad level (and only 8% at the grad level).


Note that the same row calculations also occur with the Organized Class Sections raw data chart.