There is a long rich history about the Delaware Cost Study. Below are links to presentations and papers done by the staff of the University of Delaware and the National Study of Instructional Cost & Productivity. Click on the links below for valuable information, presentations and examples on use of the study.

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HEC 2017 Report

ACE 2017 Conference

Cost Benchmarking Challenges in Higher Education


The Delaware Cost Study

Web Portal Power Point


NCES – A Study of Higher Education Instructional Expenditures

NCES report Middaugh et al

Delaware Cost Study: Best Uses & Practices

Delaware Cost Study Best Practices

Advanced Modeling Techniques for Benchmarked Data

2015 AIR_Denver_CO

Challenge of Digital Learning SCH & the Effect on Benchmarking with Cost Study Metrics


You’ve Have Questions – We Have Answers!

Power Point Presentation